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About First Edumate

Our principles come first.

First Edumate is an overseas education consultancy founded in London in 2018, operating under the ethos of being your ‘first education mate’. With its founder possessing nearly 15 years of international education experience, the company is committed to a professional consultancy approach. Our core principle is to closely engage with each of our students, conduct their needs analysis, and match them with the right programmes.

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We work with educational institutions in many European countries, including, but not limited to, the UK, Ireland, Malta, Canada, the US, Australia, South Africa, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Latvia.

In particular, many universities in the UK, with which we have special agreements, also provide exclusive scholarship privileges for Turkish students through the First Edumate advantage.




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UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Malta, Hungary, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, South Africa

Mission & Vision

Starting with the belief that the most valuable mission in the education sector is ‘Consultancy’, our primary goal is to accurately identify and analyse the needs of our students and match them with the most suitable programme.

Our entire team serves our students with the aim of providing accurate consultancy and a transparent working principle. Recognising the significant role we play in people’s futures and their set career goals, we continue to improve ourselves day by day, shedding light on the futures of all our students.

Overseas education is at the forefront of the indispensable requirements of our age. Almost every individual’s career goal and dream is to start their education by determining the overseas education programme that suits them best. In this process, our primary goal is to closely monitor educational programmes worldwide, develop new projects, and offer our students the most beneficial options. Our institution actively participates in every platform that enables students of dozens of nationalities from many parts of the world to make the best possible choices for themselves. We bring all the advantages of technology to our students in this process, moving all the innovations brought by our age to a point where our students can effectively use them.

As First Edumate Overseas Education Consultancy, we not only provide consultancy services to students who want to study from Turkey but also to many students of different nationalities through our branches located in different geographies and countries of the world.

The multinational structure we have created provides the opportunity to reach many students in different parts of the world and offer hundreds of different programmes to our students.

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